AdNovum extends service offering CIO as a Service

CIO as a Service – under this label, we now provide our entire know-how in one service package. Our new service offering CIOaaS enables customers to individually combine and customize services and is suited for a broad range of customers, from small companies and start-ups to authorities and companies that are active on a global scale.

Today, companies' business ideas and situations differ just as much as their IT needs. Both the market environment and the available IT services evolve dynamically. Thus, the work of the CIO is key to productivity. A navigator, he designs and accounts for an IT strategy that will support the business the best possible way and at the lowest possible cost by providing a sophisticated IT environment. At the same time, the CIO ensures day-to-day operation and maintenance of the complex IT infrastructure – a task that is becoming more and more of a challenge.


Shorter product cycles of operating systems, infrasctructure components and applications, security updates at all levels, an increasing number of systems to support, continuously increasing requirements regarding scalability, security, traceability and mobility, etc.: To be able to manage this work load, CIOs depend on in-depth knowledge in a variety of areas. This is exactly what our new service package CIOaaS offers – know-how, services and products individually combined and tailored to our customers' needs.


CIOaaS is not only suited for small and big companies from multiple industries, but also for organizations and authorities. The full package may be the ideal choice for e.g. start-ups that have a promising business idea, but prefer to purchase IT know-how from third parties, while bigger companies and authorities will profit from tailor-made services. CIOaaS covers the entire information technology lifecycle, from IT consulting and specific developments and products to maintenance, operation and support. Upon request, we will even assume full responsibility for a customer's IT. Thanks to our pool of more than 350 experts with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge, we are well positioned to deliver.