Jazoon'14 – Flashback Varied Program and Hidden Treasures

The developer conference Jazoon that took place in Zurich on 21/22 October delivered a convincing program with a wide range of interesting talks and workshops as well as inspiring keynotes. It was used enthusiastically as a platform of open exchange. A short review.

Upgrade! Everybody knows how to google


In his hilarious and at the same time somewhat wistful keynote Gunter Dueck (@wilddueck), CTO of IBM until 2011, dealt with the development and future of the computer scientist's profession, misunderstandings between computer cats and manager dogs and how to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of the rapid change in computer science and the speed with which knowledge becomes obsolete.

Hands-on experience, exchange and entertaining evening program


The talks and workshops provided ample opportunity for a knowledge update and to gain hands-on experience. In between, Jazoon was used extensively to exchange ideas and for socializing, also during the well-attended evenings. Netcetera's soccer contest, where visitors could participate via an app already during the day to qualify for a game against the world champion of table soccer, was well received. By means of AdNovum's treasure hunt app participants could detect hidden treasures (iBeacons) and earn a free drink at the pirate bar.


When we asked participants for their impressions, they emphasized the great diversity of the program and its broad spectrum of topics, and the very good organization of the conference. Jazoon – "great to learn what's currently around and hip" obviously whets the appetite for more.





"Great to learn what's currently around and hip."

Jazoon visitor Thomas Henning