Register now – Jazoon TechDays in Zurich in autumn 2016 Jazoon: Mobile Apps – Write Once, Run Everywhere

Following the successful conference in Bern in spring, the autumn edition of the Jazoon TechDays is already waiting around the corner. On September 30, the developer community will be gathering at the ConventionPoint of SIX Group Services AG in Zurich to learn the latest news on mobile apps announced by selected speakers.

The autumn edition of this year's Jazoon TechDays is dedicated to mobile apps. Would you, as a co-organizer, give us a few hints?

Mobile apps are with us throughout the day. „Mobile Apps – Write Once, Run Everywhere” is about the development of hybrid applications, for which a variety of approaches exist. What exactly are those tools, frameworks and methods? We don't know all of them ourselves.

How do you succeed in finding exciting topics for the conference again and again?

IT is an extremely dynamic field where new topics keep coming up. In 2014, we shifted our focus from the Java world to software development as a whole. This broader scope makes it even easier to identify new topics, although the Java world as such already offers many possibilities.

How do the TechDays stand the test of taking place twice annually in different locations?

The spring edition helped us facilitate attendance for developers from the Bern area. Our success reflects the demand and the active, lively developer community in the western part of Switzerland. In addition, the shorter conference interval allows us to be closer to the technology wave.

How do you proceed when looking for speakers?

We used to publish calls for papers. Starting this year, we approach potential speakers directly. Given the current conference programs involving a speaker track on one day, this is more efficient. Moreover, the new approach makes it easier for us to drive the quality of the speakers.

Why are the Jazoon TechDays so appealing to speakers?

They provide a unique Swiss platform for the software developer community. That's why they are so appealing to speakers: as a platform for feedback, an inspiring environment and a networking opportunity that allows them to share their enthusiasm for their topic directly with the community. What's more: Speakers from abroad highly appreciate that they get to see more of Switzerland than the conference room. In spring for example, some of them visited the Jungfraujoch together with our colleagues from Bern.

Enthusiastic community: Jazoon TechDays spring 2016 in Bern

To promote interaction between speakers and attendants, we now offer a backstage track in addition to the well-known speaker track. The backstage track provides an opportunity to sponsors to introduce themselves and their interest in the conference topic to the attendants. And there is more: Together with some speakers we organize one-day  workshops, in which attendants may gain a deeper insight into a specialist area. As of this year, the workshops take place one day prior to the conference. Thus attendants have both choices: talks and workshops. For further information, please go to

The lineup of speakers for the autumn edition of the Jazoon TechDays is again pretty exciting – can you name a few, including their topics?

Alex Blom is a co-owner of Ile of Code, a Toronto and Chicago-based company providing JavaScript/Ember services. Alex has in-depth experience in implementing hybrid mobile apps that – under their surface – are based on Ember.


Developer evangelist at Xamarin, Mike James is just the right person to present his employer's hybrid approach. Mike lives in Guilford, England, and travels across Europe in doing business.


Digital nomad Michael North was already among the speakers in this year's spring edition of the Jazoon TechDays in Bern. In Zurich, he will be talking about Cordova and its plug-in concept.


Of course, we have many more interesting speakers, as the complete list on our website reveals. Therefore: Get your ticket straightaway! The organizing committee is looking forward to mingling with the attendants and the speakers.