VIS field trip 2014 Exchange of ideas until late at night

At this year’s field trip of the VIS to AdNovum, case studies were shown and discussed for the first time. The new concept appealed to the students and the event offered a platform for an inspiring exchange.

For April 9, we from the VIS (Verein der Informatik Studierenden der ETHz) had organized a field trip and visited AdNovum with a small group of interested students. The event was very well received, mainly due to a new concept that we had developed in cooperation with AdNovum. By means of case studies, the students could get a picture of the areas in which the company is active. In particular, the students should get an idea of what to expect when applying for a job.

The new concept in cooperation with AdNovum began slowly to take shape during inspiring conversations we were able to have with Kornel Wassmer and Claudia Meile from AdNovum. It all started at a late hour following the AdNovum-supported fondue evening FIGUGEGL of the VIS last November and was continued at a lunch in AdNovum’s Guccinetta. Claudia Meile and Kornel Wassmer were enthusiastic about my idea concerning the case studies and provided three topic proposals the very next day. I was rather skeptical for my part and wasn’t expecting more than a handful of registrations. After AdNovum promoted the field trip at our contact party and we published it on our homepage followed by an additional e-mail dispatch, the event was nevertheless almost fully booked.

Technical and conceptual tasks


After a welcome and short presentation of AdNovum by its Chief Development Officer, Kornel Wassmer, we, the 15 participants, were assigned to the two case study groups “Architecture – Distributed Systems” by Dejan Dukaric, technical project leader, and "E-Banking Security infrastructure" by Manuel Graber, deputy CDO. The tasks were both technical and conceptual. One group designed a security infrastructure for secure and scalable e-banking, the other one a system (data model and architecture) for the central migration information system in interrelation with the cantons. After about an hour, we all met for the stand-up aperitif with beer, pretzels and a stimulated exchange. As I learned from a reliable source, some have even moved on after 11 pm. Maybe this will result in another successful idea.