NEVIS Security Suite AdNovum Wins Attemptum as NEVIS Partner for Germany

For the distribution of its tried and tested security suite NEVIS, AdNovum teams up with the business and IT consulting service provider Attemptum.

AdNovum expands its partner network for the distribution of the identity and access management solution NEVIS in Germany. Frankfurt-based business and IT consulting service provider Attemptum AG is the third partner to join the partner network, complementing Cologne-based FSP GmbH and Munich-based mgm security partners GmbH.


Attemptum AG and its associated partner companies are an independent business and IT consulting provider for optimizing business processes of innovative ICT solutions. As trusted advisor, Attemptum supports companies in implementing economically viable and efficient solutions, and enables them to define future-proof goals.


Attemptum focuses on the banking and insurance, healthcare, retail and real estate industries. At Attemptum, more than 235 employees and partners across Europe contribute their expertise in the areas of industry solutions, conceptual designs and optimizations, as well as IT think tanks. In addition to its headquarters in Frankfurt, Attemptum has offices in Wiesbaden and Zurich.