Schweizer ICT Jahrbuch 2014 Enterprise Apps Change Companies

All and sundry want to have mobile access to companies‘ services, but implementing the vision „Mobile Enterprise“ often involves adjustments to core processes and systems. Companies should be prepared to deal with this at an early stage and proceed strategically.

Customers, employees, suppliers, management – all want mobile access to companies’ data and services. In the not too distant future the mobile world with its apps will probably account for the majority of access requests. In the process, customers and employees increasingly use several channels in parallel, working on the same infrastructure.


However, the road to the mobile company is everything but trivial. In order to make good use of the specific possibilities of mobile devices such as location or "always on", and to offer a real mobile experience to the user, companies may need to optimize or redefine core processes. This doesn’t only have technical implications, but often also affects the organization and staff, requires time, resources and management attention. Enterprise apps have access to company-internal systems such as user management, accounting system, product data base or warehouse management that generally cannot be adapted overnight. Therefore, it is important to identify change requests at an early stage and discuss them with the teams concerned.

Mobile Enterprise Strategy – a Must

In large, highly segmented companies and organizations specifically, mobile solutions often origin in a more or less coordinated way from different suborganizations. The company thus may appear to the mobile world as unfocused. It is key, therefore, to develop an overall concept or strategy about how to introduce the company to the mobile enterprise world early on. This is important, not least for infrastructural aspects, e.g., the integration with existing applications. A mobile enterprise strategy prepares the ground for functionally coordinated and technically consistently integrated apps. This includes compliance and governance aspects that regulate mobile access. The way to the mobile enterprise thus becomes a litmus test and may require a revision of processes and infrastructure.