Jazoon'14 – Coming soon Awesome Tools and Hands-on Experience

This year's Jazoon taking place on October 21 and 22 whets your appetite for the next big thing with a firework of talks and workshops presenting loads of tools, tips and tricks for developers. There's a lot to see, hear – and also do.

Stop doing grunt work

Stop doing grunt work – this is one of the slogans of this year's Java developer conference Jazoon. Let tools help you. Tools are here to be used, and they can free resources for more exciting tasks: creating new apps, for example.

The speakers demonstrate what you can achieve with tools today in their sessions and workshops. There are tools and methods for almost everything: from software tracking and telemetry during operation, an aerodynamic build of applications and intelligent code completion to mined API documentation and crowd-sourced code snippets in IDEs.

Internet of Things: first hurdles cleared

The IoT market is poised to an exponential growth, but there are still lots of barriers that prevent building a real, open Internet of Things. Mike Milinkovich shows in his keynote talk how to build end-to-end solutions with the Eclipse IoT Java stack among others. One obstacle is the lack of interoperability. Most of the new IoT gadgets only connect to their own proprietary backend. One talk about this topic demonstrates how the project Eclipse SmartHome improves interoperability and how it helps you create your own personal Internet of Things.

Big Data: good equipment counts

It also pays to know the equipment well in the realm of Big Data with its widespread and heterogeneous system landscapes, its data mountains and its expected high profits. Visualization and interactive exploration of large amounts of data has always been challenging. One session takes a look at the most popular open source frameworks for these tasks. The diversity of operating and software systems requires of large applications that they master a great number of programming languages and can handle them simultaneously without performance loss. You can support this by an appropriate VM architecture.


You won't miss out on hands-on experience in this year's eclectic mix of talks and workshops, be it with laptop, be it without for once – a whole new user experience for digital natives. Here, developers can practice their famous communication skills or receive training for them – explicitly, e.g., when Steve Poole demonstrates how to convince ones colleagues of the development method DevOps. So, come on, join us at this year’s Jazoon and grab the opportunity to upgrade!