Swiss Made Software „The Book“ Quality as Culture

What is the meaning of quality in software engineering? What role does Swissness play? Can Swiss quality be produced and sold abroad? Swiss made software interviews AdNovum‘s engineers Sabine Do-Thuong and Bettina Niklaus in the recently published book „The Book“.

It is a complex task to consistently reach and maintain highest quality in software solutions. Many aspects need to be considered, and processes and measures implemented, which eventually imply increased effort – quality has its price. How do you sell quality in software engineering, is there a market for it? What role does Swissness play in this context? Is there a typical Swiss understanding of quality? Can Swiss quality also be produced abroad?

Complex software products are like living organisms.

Bettina Niklaus, Software Quality Engineer

In an interview in the book „the book“, recently published in English, swiss made software has asked these questions our software quality engineers Sabine Do-Thuong and Bettina Niklaus who provided clear statements. Quality is one of the key factors that allow Swiss software and software engineering services to position themselves in the global market.

swiss made software

The label „swiss made software“ stands for Swiss values in software engineering. Launched in 2007, it now has more than 230 members who sell their products and services under this label. AdNovum has taken part since 2009. The third edition of "swiss made software – the book" has been published in English for the first time, and is distributed both in Switzerland and globally to spread the knowledge about the strength and innovative drive of Switzerland’s software industry.