10 years AdNovum Hungary Kft. Gratulálunk!

From 0 to 100 in ten years: AdNovum's nearshoring location in Budapest is just as successful in growing the number of staff as it is in engineering software. The subsidiary situated at the river Danube is a great platform of exchange, enriching AdNovum's corporate culture. After the anniversary party we asked around among the employees.

High level of quality, conveniently located

When looking to open a nearshoring office, AdNovum chose Budapest in 2003 attracted by the city's easy accessibility and the high level of its technical universities. In 2004, Ruedi Wipf, Managing Director of AdNovum Hungary Kft., and a number of engineers started to develop software at Kapás utca 11–15. Martin Nokes supported Ruedi Wipf in establishing the subsidiary and took over as Managing Director from 2007 to 2008. Upon Martin's return to Zurich, Chris Tanner assumed responsibility for the location, focusing on its further development.


As a „software factory“, AdNovum Hungary Kft. initially carried out mainly engineering tasks. Over time, quality assurance, release and system engineering teams were built. Today, AdNovum Hungary's activities also include technical project management, consulting services, business analysis and specifications. Thus the subsidiary, led by Marius Kleiner since April 2014, significantly contributes to AdNovum's success – and, no surprise, the company's consumption of coffee and bananas.

A cause for celebration


 Just as in the other locations team spirit is also very important at AdNovum Hungary. No wonder that many employees have been with the company for years. To celebrate the anniversary duly, the AdNovum crew and their guests gathered at a "twenties" party on April 3. The cruise ship "Európa", dragging at the foot of the hill "Buda" and facing the houses of parliament, provided the perfect setting.

After the party we asked around …

How does it feel to work at AdNovum Hungary?

  •  «I like to work here. Most of my wishes came true.» 
    - Fruzsina Váraljai, Software Engineer
  • «After 3 years at AdNovum Hungary, I am still amazed every day by the young, dynamic team and the enthusiasm of my colleagues.» - Roger Kehrer, Swiss Expat, Software Engineer and Pool Manager
  • «I like to work in this kind of multi-cultural environment. You can meet interesting people with lots of strange, but attractive hobbies.» - Gábor Horváth, Software Engineer
  • «Every day, I meet new challenges and my work never gets boring.» - Gergely Tóth, Software Engineer


What were your first impressions of AdNovum?

  •  «My pool manager explained a lot of stuff, introduced me to everybody – at least 70 new names.» 
    - Fruzsina Váraljai, Software Engineer
  • «From the very first moment, I was involved in the life here. I was invited to csocsó matches (table soccer) and invited to join for an after-work-beer.» - Roger Kehrer
  • «I found out that AdNovum is not just a firm, a machine that ticks and gives birth to new software iterations, but a tightly-knit formation of people.» - Gábor Eichammer, Software Engineer
  • «My mind was blown! I felt like "is this a real workplace?" No strict hierarchy, I see happy people, everybody is friendly ….» - Gergely Tóth


What did you like most about the 10th anniversary party?

  • «The costumes.» - Fruzsina Váraljai
  • «The night trip with the boat on the Danube past all these nice buildings with all the lights combined with the silence of the majestic river impressed me a lot. Of course I also liked to hear the old stories from the last 10 years of the company. Rumors say that the after-party was also great ...» - Roger Kehrer
  • «I liked that everybody was well dressed and I really felt like time travelling back to the 20s.» - Gábor Horváth
  • «The 20s theme idea with the buggy time machine was brilliant! It was fun to see the people I work with every day in authentic clothes and accessories. I was able to find roles for everyone. One guy looked like a Don of the Mafia, another lady looked like Diva of the Moulin Rouge, another guy looked like an Italian immigrant who just arrived to America. Some outfits were so original, it truly flew us back in time.» - Gergely Tóth


What are your wishes for AdNovum for the next 10 years?

  • «For the next ten years, I wish AdNovum ten times the success, ten times the quality, but the same amount of humanity.» - Gábor Eichammer
  • «I wish AdNovum that the banana consumption will keep growing at the same pace.» - Gábor Horváth
  • «More projects, more training, more happy engineers and a bigger cruise ship for the 20th anniversary.» - Gergely Tóth


 (All photos by Marton Apai)