We support you in making your products and services accessible to everyone and accompany your projects according to WCAG 2.0 from their conception to their certification.

Accessibility for everyone

We believe that accessibility should be a matter of course when developing software.  


Accessibility enables all users to interact independently with the product – regardless of their abilities.


Both people with a permanent impairment such as a visual impairment as well as people with a temporary impairment such as a restricting arm injury benefit from accessible software.

Why accessibility?

A barrier-free website or application offers numerous advantages:

  • Expanding the customer base – A barrier-free product reaches more customers
  • Customer autonomy – Increased autonomy creates satisfaction amongst users with a disability
  • Saves support costs – Customers need less support
  • Inclusion instead of exclusion – The consideration of accessibility and Inclusive Design contribute to a positive image
  • Greater user-friendliness – Accessibility also improves usability for everyone

Our expertise

Adnovum strongly believes that software developed for a broader audience should also be accessible to disabled persons.
This empowers them to partake in technological progress.


The Accessibility team supports software development from the very beginning and guarantees minimization of effort and costs  through early involvement.


On-site testing by our team of specialists  guarantees constant consideration of accessibility in the various phases of software development.

Our offer

We offer our support in all phases of software development of websites, web applications and mobile applications (iOS and Android). The earlier the Accessibility team is involved in the implementation of the barrier-free software, the lower any possible future costs will be. Even the most minimal intervention can result in major improvements.



  • Identification of accessibility requirements
  • Creation of an accessibility specification
  • Evaluation of prototypes


  • Consulting and support for developers (web and mobile)
  • Conducting individually tailored accessibility workshops


  • Performing one-time or regular automated and manual tests
  • Creation of reports with proposed solutions
  • Bugfixing support during the implementation of the proposed solutions

Free trial session

We offer a free demo including an introduction to accessibility with test results and solutions based on a use case.


What about the accessibility of your software?


  • Contact us and find out.
  • Contact us – we are pleased to help!

    If you have any questions concerning accessibility or software projects with accessibility requirements, we will be pleased to help you.

    Porträt Werner Hänggi

    Werner Hänggi Accessibility Specialist

    Samuel Frischknecht Head of UX